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Where you attend high school is a big decision. If you want to make the most of your high school experience and prepare for what lies ahead, then you should consider Christopher Dock.

Why Dock?

Listen to what current students and alumni say about their Dock experience:


“I REALLY hated math throughout High School and College. I was much more interested in pursuing my crown of class clown. At Temple University I realized I was years behind in my algebra and math comprehension, and it made me think back to my high school days.

Mr. Dana Gehman was tasked with teaching me for several years at Christopher Dock. I was an extremely disruptive and distracting kid, much more interested in getting a laugh than getting anything done. Despite all of this, Mr. Gehman spent time with me at lunch and after school tutoring me. I barely made it.

After failing a college math course for a second time I sent Mr. Gehman a message basically saying, “Wow, I really wish I would have paid more attention in your class. College is tough! He responded with a message that still amazes me.

Mr. Gehman gave me his cell number and told me I could call him anytime to go over what I needed help with. Despite his full time job, his family—including a young child at home—he offered to tutor me at no charge in the precious little spare time he has! I am years removed from his class, yet he still cared enough to offer me his time!

I did not take him up on his offer simply because I would’ve felt guilty after all the times I disrupted his classes over the years. But I am still amazed at his generosity and commitment to his work. That gesture from Mr. Gehman still stands out to me. Thanks for all your hard work, Mr. Gehman. We need more teachers like you!”

Tyler Hunsberger, ‘08

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“Transferring to Christopher Dock to begin my junior year was quite the transition.  Never had I been in an environment where educational growth is encouraged as much as it is here. At my old school it was nearly impossible to fully express yourself. Maintaining one’s image and popularity far outweighed the value of pursuing one’s passions. It did not take me long to notice after arriving that this was not the case at Dock. We have such an enormous advantage by the time we graduate, just because we attend this school.”

Bryce Shortall, ‘15

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“Now up to this point in my life I was never a very big risk taker. But at the end of junior year I started to shift my way of thinking a little. I looked back and I realized that I had let a lot of opportunities pass me by because I was unwilling to take a risk. I decided to come to Dock for my senior year. For me it was very risky; all my friends and my girlfriend were at Souderton. Not everything went the way I imagined when I switched schools, but being able to adapt made it a lot easier. I heard a quote by a guy named Eric Thomas, and he said that you have to be willing at any moment to give up what you are for what you will become. I have had some amazing times and met people that have impacted me in ways I will never forget. All of the teachers, faculty and students made Dock a place where I could have the perfect senior year. I grew academically and spiritually and became a more well-rounded, confident person.”

Adam Landes, ‘12

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“I am halfway through my freshman year. This is actually really crazy to think about. I feel like it was just last week that I was so scared of starting a new school and making new friends, but I love Dock and I have made a lot of good friends this year.”

Sarah Rittenhouse (‘17)

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“As I reflect back on my years at Dock, I am so thankful I had the opportunity to change schools.  Making this change challenged me in many ways. When I made the change, I made up my mind to put myself in situations that would challenge me to be more outgoing.  Being a part of Cross Country and Track helped me to push myself physically and mentally. I have also gained a heart for service through going to Washington, DC and my Senior Experience in Honduras.

The [Honduras] trip was a life-changing experience. It really opened my eyes as to how we Americans take things for granted and think that happiness is found in material things. In reality, material things are nice, but they don’t bring true happiness. True happiness is found in loving and serving others. No one should pass up an opportunity to serve God; it will truly change your life.”

Kerri Bates, ‘12

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The first day I came here I was constantly surprised as people came up to me introducing themselves and asking if I needed help finding anything. As I came shyly into each of my classes I found myself laughing and feeling completely comfortable as I walked out with someone I had met only 40 minutes before. Students and teachers constantly made me feel like I had been here forever.

I don’t think all of you realize how amazing it is to be a part of this school. As someone coming from a totally different atmosphere, you can trust me when I say that it is simply a blessing to be here. This school truly is a community. I stand here with no regrets; switching to Christopher Dock was the best decision I have made in my life.”

Rachael Martin, ‘10

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“Senior year was a year in which I began to appreciate the relationships I had with teachers at Dock. Each one of my teachers cared deeply about me, which is why they continually pushed me to do the best I could in school. Not only did I appreciate the relationships with teachers but also the way the school is intertwined into one big community. I was finally beginning to realize why the word ‘community’ was used so often, and how lucky I am to know almost the whole study body by name. It doesn’t matter what grade you’re in, we’re all part of a large community of students.”

Megan Bolton, ‘12

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“I remember my Communications teacher, Mrs. Rauch, telling our class that every morning before school starts, she would pray for us. I learned that it wasn’t just her, but many teachers at Dock pray for their students. That’s something you would never hear about at most any public school, which really shows how much of a privilege it is to attend this school.”

Collin Godshall, ‘12

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“Once I opened my mind, I could feel that there were actually a lot of people who care about me besides my family in China. There is a love that exists between us regardless of our nationality. My host dad drove me to the bus stop every morning. I got encouragement from teachers. My classmates explained English words to me. Those all are [expressions of] love. Each day I spent at Christopher Dock, I learned that the basic need for a human being is love. I see that every student is valued no matter if they are smart or not, and everyone is treated equally. Now, I see people who live on the street not as the poor, but as a human being like me. They need love and care just like I desire from others. I realized that it is important to help others. My comfortable life in China made me ignore those things, but I was glad that Christopher Dock helped me to realize them…I appreciate that I got an opportunity to study in such a peaceful and joyful place, and be surrounded by many wonderful and friendly people. I love Christopher Dock.”

Fiona Li, ‘12