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Geometry Honors

NOTE:  Additional sources for this course can be found on the Geometry page.  This page only includes honors-specific assignments.

Final Project

Note on course weighting:

         Honors grades are weighted as follows (different from standard Geometry):
              Tests = 60%
              Projects = 25%
              Homework = 10%
              Classwork = 5%

Course Documents

Honors Syllabus  (includes chapter project assignments)
Grading Rubric
Survey (please answer 1st page only for midyear survey)

Additional Chapter Assignment Info

Chapter 1: Algebra review showme


Chapter 3: Triangle Challenge

Chapter 5: Area WorksheetSimplifying Radicals Worksheet
Chapter 7: Midsegments of Quadrilaterals
Chapter 8: Composite Shapes
Chapter 8 reminder
Chapter 9: Isometric Drawing   and   Prisms
      Helpful tips on isometric drawings (powerpoint)

Chapter 10: Circles, Angles, Arcs: 

Create a problem similar to 10-17 (but more challenging / in-depth!).  Your drawing should be done approximately to scale.  The problem should involve at minimum:

  • one circle
  • one triangle
  • an inscribed quadrilateral
  • one set of parallel lines
  • central angles, inscribed angles, chord-chord angles and angles outside the circle.

This should result in several angles and arcs to find.  Try to create a problem where students can find all angles and arcs starting with the least amount of information possible.  Your final product should include the problem statement and a separate solution (each answer must have a brief reason to explain where it came from).  Please put your solution in the form of a copy of the problem with the values filled in.  Be sure to check your work to ensure that there are no contradictions which arise (such as a triangle with more than 180 degrees or a total degrees around your circle exceeding 360!)  You may work alone or in pairs on this.  Remember that presentation is 1/3 of your grade!  Extra credit will be awarded if you do this completely on the computer (using Word or PowerPoint) and submit it electronically.



Chapter 11: Surface Area, Volume
                   Arcs & Angles

Quarter Projects

Quarter 1: Euclid
Quarter 2: Flatland, Hypercube
                 A link to the complete Flatland text if you'd like to read online

Quarter 3:
Golden Ratio
Quarter 4: Zoe's Fence, Resource Page


Honors Blog: Click here for link.