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Algebra 1a         

        Course Syllabus
        Homework Guidelines                   Free Printable Graph Paper

Link to Homework help from textbook:


Test Reviews                                                        Math Notes

Test Review for 1st chapter 1 test                   Chapter 1
Test Review for 2nd chapter 1 test
                  Chapter 2
Test Review for 1st chapter 2 test                   Chapter 3
Test Review for 2nd chapter 2 test                  Chapter 4
Portfolio Instructions for chapter 2                 Chapter 5
Test Review for 1st chapter 3 test                   Chapter 6



Order of Operations worksheet
Coordinate Axes worksheet
Arithmetic Operations with Numbers
Word Problem Vocab
Guess & Check 1 
Evaluate Expressions
Guess & Check 2

Guess & Check Practice

Simplifying Expressions
Proportional Problems (NOTE: you only need to print & do the 1st page!!)
Graph to Rule practice
Solving Equations Worksheet
Proportions with Tables
Percents as Proportions
Fish Report

                                     FINAL REVIEW PROJECT

Final Review Sheets:
Review 1                                 Graphing Review                         
Review 2                                 Review 6
Review 3
Review 4
Review 5

Review Game Links:                             Computer Labs

Set                                                                  Thanksgiving lab Instructions
Number Patterns                                                  Catch Up Math Practice
Timernator                                                      Adding Fractions Lab

Cockroach Game                                                 Khan Link    
Rush Hour                                                            IXL Link

Order of Operations                                              Board Game Link
Butterfly Game (lines)                                           Slider Fractions