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Welcome to Statistics, where we make sense of all those numbers!

Here are the details:  Course Syllabus for AP Stats             Syllabus for Intro to Stats


Site for doing statistical analysis, graphs & charts: Click Here!



Links used in class or for homework:

     Link to Textbook Site (Starnes, Yates, Moore: The Practice of Statistics, 4th Ed)

      Student section for Census at School (US version)
      International Census at School




Worksheets and Projects:

      Chapter 1 Project
      Chapter 2 Project

      Chapter 3 Project
         Longevity vs Gestation (answer key)
         Matchmaking with Statistics

      Chapter 4 Project is on page 267 of your textbook
         Against All Odds: Samples & Surveys Video    and   worksheet   
         Rolling River Data Entry Form

      Chapter 5 Project              Link to Birthday Simulation
         Airline Overbooking homework

      Final Stats 1 Book Project

             Template for Observational Studies
             Template for Experiments

statistical software
      CrunchIt user guide

     Link to TI-84 Guidebook (useful for finding out what info you need to enter with commands!)
Link to TI-83 Guidebook (useful for finding out what info you need to enter with commands!)

     Reese's Pieces Applet (distributions of proportions)
     Normal Approximation applet

Sampling Distributions Applet (comparing distributions of means)
Confidence Intervals Applet (understanding what 95% confidence means)

     Statistics Videos

     The Classic Birthday Problem  

     Review Games for 3rd edition of Yates book  

     Penny Simulation
     Population Sampling Exploration  
     Confidence Intervals Exploration

     Power applet


  Data Sources:  


                                        US Census Bureau (use Data Finders on the right)
                                        Federal Stats links (some work and some don't!)
                                        Census at School Data (data about teens across the US)
                                        Census at School Data (teens around the world)
                ** new: SAT scores by state (2009)  Associated Press site



    Practice Sites  - practice makes perfect!

             (** please send me an email if you ever discover a broken link here **)

             Guess the correlation
             Correlation applet which allows you to add a new point and see its effect

             Stats Monkey: this site has it all!  Excellent for more review!!

             These come from Larry Green's Page (check it out for many more practice applets!):
             Practice choosing an Inference Test

            Practice conducting Hypothesis Test for a single Proportion
            Practice conducting Hypothesis Test for a Mean

             Vocabulary Scatter



AP Preparation


Link to 1997 sample exam
Tips for Students on taking the AP Stats test
Link to AP Statistics College Board Site
Old FRQs and solutions     BETTER LINK!  AP STATS FRQs  (read the sample responses, too!)
Video on common mistakes in Hypothesis Tests - be sure to watch this before the AP!
Stattrek: includes a full tutorial on all AP Stats topics, Practice test and Study Guide.
Practice AP at Stattrek (Multiple Choice only)       

 Register for here - for final review assignments: choose Student as your role, and you'll find our school in the list under Pennsylvania.  PLEASE NOTE that you need to choose Mrs. Anderson, not Gail Anderson, as your teacher!  As you do these assignments, remember that you need to round all answers to the nearest hundredth.



Post-AP Project Information


Proposal Guidelines
Sample project (American Statistical Association site)


This is my archive section, because you never know when it'll come in handy...



Worksheets for Rossman/BVD Course (2010-11)

Introductory Worksheet
Vocab List

Unit 1 (Topics 1-6)
Smarties Project
Creating Examples (Topic 4) worksheet
5-2 worksheet (done in class)
5-5 and 5-20 worksheet (in-class)
5-24 (homework)
Project Assignment (topics 1-6)

Unit 2 (Topics 7-11)
Review of Unit 2 (comparing 2 variables) in a powerpoint format

Unit 3 (Topics 12-13; Designing Studies)
Survey/Experiment Project Assignment (topics 12-13)
DOE Template (turn in completed on first project due date)
Designing Observational Studies Template (alternate to DOE template)
Sample/Survey/Experiment Powerpoint (review topics 12-13)

Unit 4 (Probability and Random Variables; Rossman 14-18)
Overview of Probability Powerpoint (Topic 14 & BVD 15)
Notes on reading the normal curve (in-class)

  Link to Textbook Site (calculator files and classwork answers to make up work missed
due to absence)

    Glastonbury teacher's webpage with Powerpoints of BVD chapters - excellent
summaries (this is the equivalent of Spark Notes for the BVD textbook!)

Stats 1 Final Review Assignment