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Dock Robotics Club 

The CD Robotics club meets during Activity Periods on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the school year.  We use the Vex Robots ( to design and build robots which are no larger than 18" x 18" x 18" and can perform various tasks either by remote control or autonomously (programmed in RobotC).  Designers, builders, and programmers, and dreamers are encouraged to visit us and join in the fun!  If you can't make it during activity period, you are welcome to join us at after-school build events and competitions; just let Mrs. Anderson know you're interested.

New Members

New member Scavenger Hunt: (download to your ipad for use in Notability)

Welcome to Robotics required reading

Instructions to download firmware/install programs on a Vex Cortex: watch videos  or Step-by-Step Instructions

General short videos to learn programming basics: Carnegie-Mellon 

Carnegie-Mellon RobotC online course (required for robotics credit; recommended for new robot programmers) 


Dock Course #224: Robotics


This is an independent-study course open to a maximum of four students per year.  Apply to Mrs. Anderson in the spring during course registration.  

    Course Documents:  


Intro to Vex Robot Construction Recommended Videos:


       Introduction to Gear Ratio

     Tim's protobot program
     Tips to starting robot design
     Good and bad joints
     How to include different program options in one program  
     Sturdy Structure Design
     Teach your robot to multi-task
     Scissors Lift
     625:1 Gear Box
     Conveyor Belt Design 

     Six-bar Linkage lift design


DOCKBOTS '14:  January 25, 2014

Thanks to all who participated and helped for our 6th annual tournament!

For photos, please view our facebook group "Christopher Dock Robotics Team"!


See you at DockBots15!
Saturday, January 24, 2015 
Watch for registration at Vex Robot Events Site


First Scrimmage of the year, 1st Saturday in December:

PennState Abington Scrimmage:  Directions Here
   Van leaves Longacre at 8am, returns around 5
   Free pizza for lunch!!  Parents are welcome to stop by.