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Course Documents

Course Expectations  ("Welcome, New Geometry Students" - to be reviewed and signed            each quarter - be sure to read the information on the back about missed classes!)
Course Syllabus
Homework Guidelines
Classwork Guidelines (notebook grading rubric)


Free Printable Graph Paper!

Homework Assignments and Keys

Homework 1 (with format for all future homeworks)

Link to Homework help from textbook:

     Homework Answer Keys handed out in class (use these to check your answers before              class!)


Midterm Notebook Check
Midterm Assignment
"Why Math" Assignment


         Algebra Review Worksheet       Algebra Review Showme Links


Chapter 2

Angles and Area (chapter 2)     Solutions

Powerpoint for 2-105 used in class
Link to 2.3.2 Triangle Inequality
Link to 2.3.3 Pythagorean Theorem


Chapter 4

Clinometer Assignment


Chapter 5

Area Problem


Chapter 6

Triangle Congruence Practice


Chapter 7

Practice Proofs Worksheet
Powerpoint for Isosceles Trapezoid Proof
Powerpoint for 2 lines perpendicular to a third Proof

Theorem Toolkit(note: these are just my class notes; you'll need to add to them!)


Chapter 8

Polygon Vocabulary Assignment
Review Booklet (regular)
Review Booklet (honors)


Chapter 9

Chapter 9 review

Resource Page 9.2.1 (with my notes)
Resource Page 9.2.2 (with my notes)

Showme assignment standard

Showme assignment honors

Excellent link to how to construct anything!!   Math Open Reference


Chapter 10

Probability Review Worksheet
Probability Review Worksheet answer key

Inscribed and Other Angles Worksheet

Fraction Busters worksheet (see page 512 for help!) 
     Answer key (will be posted after it's been collected so you can prepare for the test; if you need help before it's due, come see Mrs. Anderson during lunch!)

Chapter 10 review                           Chapter 10 Review answer key

Chapter 10 Review assignment (replaces HW10.10 Closure Problems)


Chapter 11

Summary Worksheet for volume and surface area

Summary of all of the Circle angles, arcs, and segment relationships!!


Test Reviews             

General Test Preparation Notes
(for chapters without links, use the Parent Guides on the CPM site)
If you need a copy of the reflections/corrections which is not linked below, email Mrs. Anderson and she'll email you a copy!

Chapter 1           Chapter 1 Test Reflections & Corrections
Chapter 2           Chapter 2 Test Reflections & Corrections
Chapter 3           Chapter 3 Test Reflections & Corrections
Chapter 4           Chapter 4 Test Reflections & Corrections     
Chapter 5           Chapter 5 Test Reflections & Corrections
Chapter 6           Chapter 6 Test Reflections & Corrections
Chapter 7           Chapter 7 Test Reflections & Corrections
Chapter 8           Chapter 8 Test Reflections & Corrections
Chapter 9           Chapter 9 Test Reflections & Corrections
Chapter 10         Chapter 10 Test Reflections & Corrections
Chapter 11         Chapter 11 Test Reflections & Corrections

Final Review Worksheet                Final Review Internet Search  (click on Start the Game)

Game Links

Bloxorz                                        Rotating Objects
Let's Make a Deal!                        Guess the View 
Monty Hall Game                          Building Houses


Dynamic Paper Site - print number lines, nets, graph paper, etc!