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June 2017


From the Guidance Office


Guidance Office Summer Hours

The Guidance Office will be closed from Friday, June 23 – Tuesday, August 8. If you have an immediate concern, please contact the main office.


Summer Academic Work

Many classes have summer assignments. Please go to  for details about summer academic work. The Guidance Office encourages students to complete requirements and have a positive beginning to the new school year.


Report Cards

Report cards will be mailed on or before June 19. If you notice any report card discrepancies, please call the office immediately. The grades from the report cards are carried over to the transcript, and if there are corrections that need to be made, we want to be aware of it as soon as possible.


2017-18 Seniors

Over the summer, begin to outline the colleges you would like to apply to in the fall. Look over the requirements, visit the campus, and speak to admissions. Be sure to check the application deadlines. Another suggestion: Begin planning your senior experience. Look at your options and make a decision. Work at the personal contacts. Remember, a good experience requires planning!


2017-18 Juniors and Sophomores

On October 11, the juniors will take the PSAT and the sophomores are invited to take the practice SAT. A simple way to practice is to have the SAT question of the day sent to you by email. As you have time, work on the SAT in its entirety. College Board will check the answers and give you a read-out of your success. There is also practice for the PSAT.

Summer is also the time to begin exploring colleges. Look at colleges and begin to compare them. Check out the majors and see what interests you. College Board and Education Planner offer a lot of useful information; the guidance office recommends you use these free resources!


Reminder - Student Accommodations

If your student needs accommodations for the SAT or ACT exam, sophomore year is the suggested time to complete the process. Each college entrance exam has its own procedure. If you need more information, check Collegeboard for Students with Disabilities (SAT) or Services for Examinees with Disabilities (ACT).


AP Scores

This July, AP students will get their scores online; they will not receive scores in the mail. Students should sign up for a free College Board account at Students will need to remember their College Board account username and password. Students will wait for an email and then receive their scores online.


Summer Enrichment

Use the summer to add to your student resume. Summer enrichment includes classes, trips, service or job experiences. They all provide valuable additions for your resume.


Class Officers and Senators elected

During recent class elections, the following students were chosen to serve as class officers and senate members:


Class of 2018

President: Dylan Rush

Vice-President: Jamie Kolb

Secretary: Elysa Stout

Treasurer: Lindsey Bernd


Meredith King

Madison Buiting

Lauren Ness

Rachel Shreiner


Class of 2019

Class president: Louis Cocco

Vice President: Laura Bergey

Secretary: Abby Morgan

Treasurer: Caesar Kang


Connor Derstine

Nicole Ford

Ryan Kratz


Class of 2020

Class President: Regan Zehr

Vice President: Miguel Santiago

Secretary: Ruth Michel

Treasurer: Carlie Cocco


Madelyn Bergin

Olivia Celenza

Gianna DePaul